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9, but MPs rejected May's withdrawal deal by a large margin in January and demanded major changes. Before her Mo▓nday trip to the European continent, May has failed to secure signi

, May said

that the latest agreeme

ficant concessions from Brussels.If May's deal is voted down on Tuesday in the parliament, she then faces a▓ possible defeat on a second vote on Wednesday▓ to prevent a no-deal Brexi

nt is legall

y binding, just like t

t on March 29, and ▓a third vote on Thursday to extend the Article 50 divor▓ce process -- likely until the end of June.Lidington said the British government would Monday night lay tw

he withdrawa

l agreement.Th adipisicing elit

e Democ▓ratic Unionist Party, a party f

o new▓ documents to the House of Commons -- a joint legally binding instrument on the withdrawal agreement an

rom North▓ern adipisicing elit

Ireland which props up May's government

d ▓a joint statement to supplement the political declaration on Britain's future relationship with the EU."

, said Monday adipisicing elit

 night that it will carefully study the

FRENETIC DIPLOMACY"The so-called breakthrough ▓came after what were described as last throw of the dice by Ma

latest EU-U adipisicing elit

K agreement.Earlier Monday, the European

y to save her Brexit deal.Througho▓ut Monday, the political landscape continually chang▓ed as politicians pred

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